Vespucci 0.9.9 "malenki" Highlights


This release is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Bellmann "malenki", an engaged OpenStreetMap contributor and Vespucci user.

End of Android 2.2 / API 8 support

Release 0.9.9 no longer supports Android 2.2. Google has removed 2.2 support from the libraries we use to provide backwards compatible support and there doesn't seem to be a way that we can replace them in any reasonable fashion. Even as is, we cannot use the latest version of these libraries that would match the Android version we are building against.

As Android 2.2 was released in May 2010, nearly 7 years ago, we hope that this change does not affect all too many users.

Indoor mode

Long pressing the lock icon will cycle through:

In indoor mode the displayed level can be changed with the up/down buttons, tapping the level display button will show everything that doesn’t have a level tag (roughly, it is slightly more complicated than that).

Changed "Geometry Improvement Handle" behaviour

Geometry improvement handles on ways now work as they do with iD:

The trade-off is that now more care has to be exercised when dragging ways.

Opening hours editor

On devices with Android 3.1 and later, opening_hours, service_times and collection_times tags can be created and edited with a form interface. Opening hour strings will be auto corrected if possible. The UI for this is still in development, but is already very usable. More information can be found in the source code repositories OpeningHoursFragment and OpeningHoursParser,

Tag based filter

The filter can be enabled from the normal main menu, the filter can then be changed by tapping the filter icon. More documentation can be found on device or here.

Preset based filter

An alternative to the above, objects are filtered either on individual presets or on preset groups. Tapping on the filter icon will display a preset selection dialog, similar to that used elsewhere in Vespucci. Individual presets can be selected by a normal click, preset groups by a long click (normal click enters the group).


Presets now support a "javascript" property that allows a script to manipulate tags, for example a "check_date" tag can be auto filled with the current date. An example preset. Outside of the use in presets, scripts can be run in an expanded mode via the "JS Console". This is currently of limited usefulness as there is no documentation, however it is intended to add that for future releases.


The full change log is available here

Known problems

Upgrading from previous versions