Vespucci Features

Documentation for Vespucci 12.0

This list is likely not really complete, but gives some idea of the supported functionality.

Category Feature Notes
Create Node
Create Way
Create Relation
Delete Node
Delete Way
Delete Relation
Move Node
Move Way
Merge Nodes
Add Node to Way
Merge Ways
Append to Way
Split Way at Node
Split Way at marked position
Split closed Way
Split closed Way in to polygons
Invert Way direction
Rotate Way
Improve Way geometry
Move multiple elements (multi-select)
Extract Node from Way
Add element to Relation
Remove element from Relation
Move Node to specific coordinates
Create Node at current coordinates
Orthogonalize Way(s)
Circulize closed Way
Tag copy and paste
Form and preset based editor
Conventional key - value editor
Auto-suggest for keys and values
Change tags for multiple objects
OSM Data
Up- and Download
Load and save in JOSM compatible .OSM format
Save changes in OSC format
Configurable API servers
JOSM Preset format support with extensions
Custom presets
Presets can be updated from app online
Preset search
Autp-Preset from taginfo
JavaScript scripting support
Backgrounds and Layers
Supports the editor layer index
On device tile caching
Custom background and overlays
OpenAerialMap support
On device MBTiles (raster) support
GeoJSON layer support
Imagery offset database support
Grid / scale layer
Imagery offset DB support
Tasks and bugs
OSM Notes
MapRoulette tasks
Custom tasks
Save OSM Notes in OSN format files
Configurable API server
Modes and Filters
Tag editing only mode
Indoor mode
C-Mode (display and edit objects with validation issues)
Tag filter
Preset filter
Special editors
Opening hours
Conditional restrictions
Turn restrictions
Missing tags (preset driven)
Re-survey after n-days
Missing street names
Validation issues trigger notifications
Support for external GPS sources
GPX track recording, loading and saving
GPX track upload
GPX waypoint support
Styleable data layer
Address prediction
JavaScript scripting support
GeoJSON Feature display
Start camera app
Display photos with location and orientation
Undo- and redo functions