Vespucci 19.2 Highlights#


This release targets Android 13 as per google requirements per August 31st 2023 and does not have any major user visible functionality changes. However as there are a number of larger modifications under the hood, this warrants its own minor and beta release. On Android 13 and later devices you will be now be asked to permit the app to post notifications, you should in general allow this and fine tune notifications within the app iteself.

Support for Android 13 per app languages#

Android 13 supports (at last) per app language selection, the language can be set both via the system preferences and in the app. Starting with 19.2 this replaces the simple switch to using English in the Advanced preferences that was implemented with a 3rd party library. If you had the previous setting enabled, you will need to re-set this in the preferences.

Upgrading from previous versions#

  • As the saved state file may have changed you should upload any pending changes before updating.

Known problems#

  • The documentation is out of date.
  • For other known problems with this build please see our issue tracker