Relation selected#

Selected nodes can be moved by dragging in the touch area, you can enable a large drag area in the preferences.


Note: some of these actions will only be visible if they can actually be executed on the selected relation.

Undo Undo#

Tapping the icon once will undo the last operation. A long press will display a list of the operations since the last save, if you have undone anything a corresponding "redo" action will be displayed. If the undo results in the current selected object being removed you will be returned to the main screen. Some operations consist of multiple simpler actions that will be listed as individual items.

Properties Properties#

Starts the tag editor on the current selection.

Todos Todos#

If the selected element is associated either with a todo or osmose task this menu will be displayed.

Available actions are

Close and goto next#

Close a todo associated with the element and goto the nearest open todo in the list. If the element is present in multiple todo list a modal will ask which one to choose.

Close all#

Close all todos and osmose bugs associated with the element.

Add Add member#

Add further objects to the relation until "Done" is selected, then the tag editor will be started on the new relation.

RelationMembers Select relation members#

Start Multi-Select mode with all members of the current relation selected. The relation itself will be deselected.

Delete Delete#

Remove the object from the data.

Paste tags#

Set tags from the tag clipboard and start the property editor.

Extend Extend selection#

Start Multi-Select mode with the current selected element.

Relation Create relation#

Create a relation and add this object as the first element. The relation type can be selected from a list generated from the available presets. Further objects can be added until the check button is clicked, then the tag editor will be started on the new relation.

Add / remove member#

Objects can be added to or removed from the relation until the check button is clicked, then the property editor will be started on the relation.

Info Info#

Show a screen with some detailed information on the selected object.

Zoom to selection#

Pan and zoom the map to the currently selected object.

Search for objects#

Search for OSM objects in the loaded data using JOSMs search expressions.

Add to todo list#

Add the current selection to an existing or new todo list.

Upload element#

Upload the selected element (only available for a new or modified element).

Share position#

Share the position of the selected object with other apps on the device.

Preferences Preferences#

Show the user preference screens. The settings are split into two sets: the first screen contains the more commonly used preferences, the "Advanced preferences" contains the less used ones.

Help Help#

Start the Vespucci Help browser