Controlling Vespucci from other apps

by Simon Poole

Android supports a powerful mechanism for starting and controlling other apps that goes by the name of "Intents". Every app needs to register which Intents it can support and the Android operating system will route requests to handle a specific Intent to appropriate app(s). If there is more than one app available you will see the familiar app chooser.

Supported intents

Load a preset


url: URL of a JOSM format preset file or zip archive (including icons)

name: optional name of the preset

Load a preset from a website and store it in internal storage, the preset can replace or be used together with the default and other presets.

Zoom to a bounding box


left,bottom,right,top: bounding box definition in WGS84 coordinates

JOSM style remote control, zoom to the specified bounding box.

Load data and optionally select objects


left,bottom,right,top: bounding box definition in WGS84 coordinates

osmobjects: optional, comma separated list of OSM objects in the form objectID, ie node1111111,way1234456.

For more information see, note: this has a different format than the JOSM object selection command. The "josm:" scheme Intents are supported from version 0.9.8, build 1242 on.

geo URLs


lat,lon: WGS84 coordinates zoom_level: zoom level, not supported

Partial implementation of geo URLs, only WGS84 coordinates are supported, an area of the size of the current auto-download area is downloaded around the specified location.

Happy mapping!