Vespucci 10.0 "X" Highlights


Version number change

Even though Vespucci has been around for over 8 years, we used version numbers below 1 in a rather nerdy understatement fashion. The problem with this is that these days nobody understands if you are not at at least at version 3 after a couple of months and people may actually think something is wrong, so we've decided to do a Mozilla and jump to version 10.

While semantic versioning doesn't really make a lot of sense for applications that don't expose an API, we will be sticking with a major . minor . patch system for the internal numbering for now.

Configurable validator

The internal validator has been re-factored, among many other changes there is now a check for missing keys and the check for re-surveying, introduced in 0.9.9, is now fully configurable.

The missing tag check works on the combination of the keys that should be checked and the preset for element.

Example: the default configuration checks that a "name" tag is present on a object if the matching preset contains a "name" field in the non-optional tags, optionally the check can be extended to "optional" tags.


In C-Mode only objects that have warnings are displayed, making it simple to find objects with missing tags and other potential problems. Starting the property editor for an object in C-Mode will automatically apply the best match presets.

Cycling through modes by long pressing on the lock button has become impractical with the increasing number of modes and has now been replaced with a menu.

The preset search will now use the same list of synonyms that the iD editor does additionally to the internal preset search index. The new functionality is independent of preset translations and uses the same fuzzy matching as the index search. Additional synonyms should be added on transifex to the iD translations.


Support for custom tasks

You can now load (and save) tasks in a simplified Osmose JSON format. The format is not particularly forgiving and must follow the following example:

    "description": [
    "errors": [
            "This is a silly error of type 1",
            "Silly Errors",
            "2017-03-26 20:30:16+02:00"
            "This is a silly error of type 2",
            "Silly Errors",
            "2017-03-26 20:30:16+02:00"

The value for "error_id" should be unique in the file. Note the custom tasks can't be uploaded, however you can save the open tasks to a file for later reuse.


The full change log is available here

Upgrading from previous versions

Known problems