Multiple elements can be selected by either selecting an element and then using the Extend selection entry from the menu, or by double-clicking an element. Selected elements can be moved by dragging in the touch area. Individual objects can be selected / de-selected by (single) tapping them. A double tap in an empty area will end the mode.


Undo Undo#

Tapping the icon once will undo the last operation. A long press will display a list of the operations since the last save, if you have undone anything a corresponding "redo" action will be displayed. If the undo results in the current selected object being removed you will be returned to the main screen. Some operations consist of multiple simpler actions that will be listed as individual items.

Properties Properties#

Starts the property editor on the current selection.

Copy Copy#

Copy the selected objects to the internal copy and paste buffer.

Cut Cut#

Move the the selected objects to the internal copy and paste buffer effectively deleting them from the data.

Delete Delete#

Remove the objects from the data.

Merge Merge ways#

Merge multiple selected ways resulting in a single way. Ways will be reversed if necessary. This option will only be available if only ways with common start/end nodes are selected, or the selection is two closed ways (polygons), in the later case if the polygons do not have common nodes a multi-polygon relation will be created and the ways added as members. If post-merge tag conflicts are detected you will be alerted.

Add node at intersection#

If two or more ways are selected and they intersect without a common node, a new node will be added at the first intersection found.

Create circle#

Creates a circle if at least three nodes are selected. If you select the nodes in clockwise/counterclockwise direction the resulting way will turn clockwise/counterclockwise. Nodes are spaced roughly 2 meters apart for larger circles. If additional nodes are too near to the original ones they will not be added. Note that if the selected nodes do not form a valid polygon, the behaviour of the function is undefined.

Relation Create relation#

Create a relation starting with the current selected elements. The relation type can be selected from a list generated from the available presets. Further objects can be added until the check button is clicked, then the tag editor will be started on the new relation.

Add to relation#

Select a relation and add the selected objects as members. Further objects can be added until the check button is clicked, then the tag editor will be started on the relation.

Zoom to selection#

Pan and zoom the map to the currently selected object.

Search for objects#

Search for OSM objects in the loaded data using JOSMs search expressions.

Add to todo list#

Add the current selection to an existing or new todo list.

Upload elements#

Upload the selected elements (only available for new or modified elements).

Help Help#

Start the Vespucci Help browser