Vespucci Mapbox-GL Style Support#

For the Mapbox documents see


While a number of styles and corresponding vector tile schemas have been tested and within the limits described on this page things work, following specific points should be taken in to account:

  • the support was mainly intended for relatively light weight QA data overlays, as this is based on Android Canvas rendering and not a purpose specific OpenGL rendering implementation performance will in general be slow. This is further confounded by many sources providing tiles up to a maximum of zoom level 14, these then tend to be very large and often contain far more data than what would be needed for the current view.
  • we've implemented some simple label and icon collision detection, however if a collision is detected, we simply doesn't render one of the colliding objects without attempting to relocate the offending symbol (collision avoidance). Further there is currently a hard wired limit of 200 objects that are handled by this, any further ones are not rendered (the choice of limit is not of any particular significance).


Only one vector tile source is currently supported, all other source configuration is ignored.

Source attributes#

Key Value Support Notes
type vector yes source objects of other types are ignored
tiles yes only the first entry is used, if the element is missing the source will be ignored
minzoom yes default: 0
maxzoom yes default: 22
attribution yes default: nothing
bounds yes default: web mercator extent
url no there is currently no TileJSON support
promoteId no
scheme no always xyz
volatile no


Supported layers: background, fill, fill-extrusion, line, symbol, circle

fill-extrusion layers are treated as flat fill layers

Unsupported layers: raster, heatmap, hillshade, sky

Unsupported attributes are ignored.

Font selection is not supported, we render with a standard Android system font.

None of the new "expression" functions are currently supported, however "old style" filter expressions are supported and interpolation linear, identity and exponential interpolation for numbers, colors and categories work for lots of the supported attributes.

Style attributes#

Key Value Support Notes
version yes ignored
sprite yes

Layer attributes for supported layers#

Value support:

  • l literal
  • z "legacy" zoom based interpolation function
  • m moustache replacement
  • f "legacy" filter expressions
Key Values Support Notes
All layers
minzoom l yes
maxzoom l yes
ref l yes missing from mapbox documentation
visibility l yes
interactive l yes missing from mapbox documentation
background-color l z yes
backgroud-opacity l z yes
background-pattern l z yes
Vector/geometry tile layers
filter f yes
source-layer l yes
fill-antialias l yes
fill-color l z yes
fill_opacity l z yes
fill-outline-color l z yes
fill-pattern l z yes
fill-sort-key no
fill-translate l z yes
fill-translate-anchor no
fill-extrusion-base no
fill-extrusion-color l z yes
fill-extrusion-height no
fill-extrusion-opacity l z yes
fill-extrusion-pattern l z yes
fill-extrusion-translate l z yes
fill-extrusion-translate-anchor no
fill-extrusion-vertical-gradient no
line-blur no
line-cap l z yes
line_color l z yes
line-dasharray l yes
line-gap-width no
line-gradient no
line-join l z yes
line-miter-limit no
line-offset no
line-opacity l z yes
line-pattern no
line-round-limit no
line-sort-key no
line-translate no
line-translate-anchor no
line-width l z yes
icon-allow-overlap no
icon-anchor l z yes
icon-color no
icon-halo-blur no
icon-halo-color no
icon-halo-width no
icon-ignore-placement no
icon-image l m z yes
icon-keep-upright no
icon-offset l z yes
icon-opacity no
icon-optional no
icon-padding no
icon-pitch-alignment no
icon-rotate l z yes
icon-rotation-alignment no
icon-size l z yes
icon-text-fit no
icon-text-fit-padding no
icon-translate no
__icon-translate-anchor no
symbol-avoid-edges no
symbol-placement l z yes
symbol-sort-key no
symbol-spacing no
symbol-z-order no
text-allow-overlap no
text-anchor l z yes just "top" and "bottom" supported
text-color l z yes
text-field l m yes
text-font no
text-halo-blur no
text-halo-color l z yes
text-halo-width l z yes
text-ignore-placement no
text-justify l z yes "auto" not supported
text-keep-upright no
text-letter-spacing l z yes
text-line-height no
text-max-angle no
text-max-width l z yes
text-offset l z yes
text-opacity l z yes
text-optional no
text-padding no
text-pitch-alignment no
text-radial-offset no
text-rotate no
text-rotation-alignment no
text-size l z yes
text-transform l z yes
text-translate no
text-translate-anchor no
text-variable-anchor no
text-writing-mode no
circle-blur no
circle-color l z yes
circle-opacity l z yes
circle-pitch-alignment no
circle-pitch-scale no
circle-radius l z yes
circle-sort-key no
circle-stroke-color l z yes
circle-stroke-opacity l z yes
circle-stroke-width l z yes
circle-translate l z yes
circle-translate-anchor no