Voice commands#

Vespucci has rudimentary and highly experimental support for adding objects via voice commands. To be used the support needs to be enabled in the advanced preferences "Experimental" section.

  • in "New" mode (long press), plus tapping the microphone icon: a name (example "McDonalds") or a preset name, either in English (or in German), (example: "Butcher" or "Fleischer" or "Fleischer Schmidt") or a number ("twentytwo") will create a node of the corresponding kind or an address. Essentially it uses the same search as the normal preset search and will use the first result found.
  • in locked mode tap the main screen , available commands are
    • "map" or in German "hier" followed by a term as above, a node with the corresponding terms will be created at the current GPS position (which is less useful than you think)
    • "note" or in German "notiz" followed by text will create a note at the current GPS position with the text as content

Note: the facility uses googles voice recognition framework which requires a working network connection