Keyboard and mouse support#


The alphabetic menu shortcuts should be usable with <Ctrl> + letter.


u Undo

h Help

<Esc> Back button

Main display#

f GPS follow

g GPS goto

d Download data for current view (merges with existing)

b Download notes/bugs for current view (merges with existing)

+ Zoom in

Volume + Zoom in

- Zoom out

Volume - Zoom out

Arrow keys Pan in the respective direction

Element selected#

e Edit tags

i Element information

c Copy

x Cut

v Paste

t Paste tags

r Delete

<Del> Delete

Node selected#

m Merge (if possible)

Way selected#

s Square / straighten (if possible)


m Merge (if possible)

s Square / straighten (if possible)

Path creation#

u Undo

f Follow way (if possible)

e Finish way and start the property editor

a Finish way and if a closed way start the property editor with address prediction, if an open way start the address interpolation modal

Property editor#

c Copy

x Cut

v Paste