Vespucci 10.2 Highlights#


Support for "network" location providers#

Network location providers, that is location information from mobile (GSM, LTE etc) cell tower location and from WLAN coverage, are now supported. Historically Vespucci had, for privacy reasons, only support for on device, aka GPS, location or nothing. Track recording will continue to only used GPS derived information, and Vespucci will naturally respect whatever location preference you have set on your device.

Support for http to https redirects and TLS 1.2 for older Android versions#

Due to the general push towards using https everywhere and sites dropping TLS 1.0 support, the networking code has been re-factored to use a third party library (OkHttp). This should address all such issues for Android versions back to 4.1, it will not help with versions that are even older than that.


  • Upload dialog is now split over two screens that should fix multiple keyboard related issues with the drop downs obscuring the text fields.
  • Support for WMS servers with EPSG:4326 projected data. Note that this does not do a proper re-projection of the background images, however the resulting errors should be very small at zoom levels that can be used for editing.
  • Some of the issues caused by corrupted tile databases are now reported in a more user friendly way
  • The updated version of the opening hours editor now display "extended times" (that is after midnight) in conventional notation as far as possible, this as some users were confused by the correct output in 24h + time format.

The full change log is available here

Upgrading from previous versions#

Known problems#