Main Vespucci Screen

The main Vespucci map screen is your normal starting point for interacting with the application. It can be in two modes

Locked locked

In this mode modifying the OpenStreetMap data is disabled, you can however use all the menus and other functions, for example down- or up-load data. The main reason to use this mode is to pan and zoom in high density areas, or to avoid accidental changes when pocketing your device.

Tapping the lock icon will toggle the mode.

Unlocked unlocked

In this mode you can add and change the geometry and tags of OpenStreetMap data. You will still need to zoom in till editing is enabled.

If a small "T" is displayed on the lock icon you are in "Tag editing only" mode and will not be able to create new objects of change geometries. A long press on the icon will switch to the normal editing mode.

The lock icon will always be located in the upper left corner of your devices screen. The placement of the following controls will depend on the size, orientation and age of your device, and may be in the top or bottom bar, or in a menu.

Map and Data display

Once you have downloaded some OSM data you will see it displayed over a configurable background layer. The default background is the standard "Mapnik" style map provided by, however you can choose a different background or none from the Preferences. The style of the OSM data displayed on top of the background layer can be fully customized, however the standard "Color round nodes" or for "Pen round nodes" should work for most situations, the later has smaller "touch areas" mainly for working with a pen. Depending on the device it may however work better for you.

Note: the map tiles are cached on device and only deleted if explicitly flushed. In principle you can pre-download the tiles for the area you want to work on and so pare yourself the need to access them online while outside.

Overlay layer

Besides the background layer you can add a "overlay" layer between the background and the OSM data, for example a layer showing buildings without an address.

Highlighting of data issues

With the standard map style certain data issues will be highlighted in magenta, these are

Available Actions

Undo Undo

Tapping the icon once will undo the last operation. A long press will display a list of the operations since the last save, if you have undone anything a corresponding "redo" action will be displayed. Some operations consist of multiple simpler actions that will be listed as individual items.

Camera Camera

Start a camera app, add the resulting photograph to the photo layer is enabled. The photograph itself should be stored in the Vespucci/Pictures directory, however this depends on the specific camera app.


Transfer Transfer

Select either the transfer icon Transfer or the "Transfer" menu item. This will display seven or eight options:

Preferences Preferences

Show the user preference screens. The settings are split into two sets: the first screen contains the more commonly used preferences, the "Advanced preferences" contains the less used ones.

Tools Tools

Find Find

Search for a location and pan to it with the OpenStreetMap Nominatim service (requires network connectivity)

Help Help

Start the on device help browser.